Run Your Building or Site More Efficiently and Cost Effectively By Eliminating Tedious Paperwork, Reducing Admin Errors and Improving Processes & Procedures With Simplification, Automation & Less Duplication

Simplification, Automation & Less Duplication

Simplification, Automation & Less Duplication

The best managed facilities use

Todays built environments have been transformed by technology and yet many everyday administrative functions are still performed using antiquated methods. BuildingManager.Com is an inexpensive and user friendly online system that manages the collection, security and use of critical information - saving time, facilitating good decisions and just as importantly reducing risk.

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Multiple Site Management

Remote Functionality

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Key Features

User Friendly




Automated Processes


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Email & SMS Communication


Responsive Support


Electronic Signature Capture


Reports Lodged
Emails Sent
Lots Managed


The software allows for staff or contractors who may work after hours, alone or in a hazardous environment to acknowledge they are still onsite and free from harm by responding to a routine SMS confirmation.

Set and never forget

Everyday tasks are simplified and nothing is forgotten thanks to emails that are automatically generated for most processes, including routine maintenance, contractor management, bookings and payments.

Your data is always secure

All information transmitted and retained on our platform is SSL protected. All client information is backed up daily to a dedicated server. This information is further protected by an additional offsite backup being performed each week.


The use of antiquated log books is no longer needed to record routine or important events during a shift. The software automatically populates in date and time order many of the tasks performed during the day. Routine inspections and phone calls can also be recorded using the diary function.

Tablet functionality can be upgraded to include the use of a tablet. The tablet option allows for electronic signature capture as well as providing contractors and tenants access to the system 24 hours a day. The tablet when not in use can be configured to display customised signage, staff on duty information as well as contact instructions if the reception area is ever unattended.

Contractor management

Insurance, licence and other site specific documents are automatically requested annually from and uploaded by each registered contractor. All routine maintenance visits and work orders are automatically populated with the sign in and sign out details of the allocated contractor.


Automatic email alerts are generated for pre-set compliance requirements including RCD testing, annual fire and height safety certification as well as elevator and swimming pool registration.

Keys & deliveries

The collection and issuing of keys and deliveries (including dry-cleaning and perishable items) are easily documented and can incorporate electronic signature capture.

Unique staff management

Besides recording all staff onsite attendance the software also allows staff to submit holiday requests and record non-attendance due to illness. An email reminder is also generated for all staff birthdays.


Flexible & Functional has been designed to help a variety of occupations to more easily and effectively manage the many everyday tasks expected to be performed in person or managed remotely. is the perfect solution.